It's Ted Lasso's World and We Just Live In It

Hopefully, like me the TV show Ted Lasso has made you laugh until your sides hurt, given you hope in these bewildering times and reminded you of the power of community and friendship.

It's rare for a T.V. show to be able to realistically portray the humor, headaches and joy in day-to-day life. One aspect of the show that I think about often is the joy in inclusivity. What makes relationships stronger and teams more productive is bringing together different people and opinions to work together towards a shared goal.

The other part I love about this show is Roy Kent's message never to settle for mediocrity and being accountable as a teammate and friend. Roy's character is one in a million and he expects great things from the people around him... and you know what, they rise to the occasion. 

 These are challenging times for so many reasons but don't forget, we are all in this together.

#InclusivityWins #KindnessCounts #CommunityFirst
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